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We offer best in class technology and human expertise that allows employers to minimize health-related productivity loss by addressing the modifiable health risks


A combination of an onsite health kiosk accompanied by a data management app with an in-built personal health assistant

We care about the safety of your data.

GDPR Compliance

From day 1 of our operations, we have a Data Protection Officer and engage with a firm specializing in GDPR and other regulatory compliance to ensure that our data management processes are set up based on the based European practice.

Secure data management

medical data, communication channels, survey results and all other information are secured with help of advanced encryption technology

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This project is supported by the European Social Fund
and the state of Berlin:


provides employees with an opportunity to continuously monitor their biometrics without leaving the office


to track and manage health data and communicate with a personal health assistant


helps interpret the test results, advise on the appropriate next steps and schedule your medical appointments


to access aggregated data on health and productivity, run surveys  and manage the corporate benefits offering


Our Solutions


Health Kiosk

An onsite point of care

Health kiosk is located in the office and helps reach the „invisible“ - employees who aren’t motivated or sick enough to visit a hospital or a clinic

Your personal Health Assistant

A personal health assistant available through the mobile app

One member of our qualified medical staff will be assigned to each employee to help interpret their biometrics, understand their health holistically, and take necessary actions when needed

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A digital BGM platform

An online platform for health screening and learning about your biometrics

Empower your employees to increase their health awareness and focus on early prevention even while working from home 

HR Dashboard

To understand your workforce health in detail and build your best health and wellbeing strategy

Aggregated employees' health data will show you the weak spots that need to be addressed, give you a variety of solutions to choose from, and track health-related productivity improvements.

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Secure Data Management

We use the most secure data management and storage solutions, fully complaint with GDPR

You as an employer should have confidence that your employees' medical data is protected at the highest level. All our data is stored in Germany and we made sure that our cloud hosting providers are in full compliance with GDPR. 

Our Data Protection Officer, Dr. med. Oliver Eidel, is overseeing all our data collection, management, and storage processes, and together with his firm, OpenRegulatory, conducts continuous checks on the data protection mechanism of HealthCaters.


Give your employees control of their health data and enjoy increased team's productivity and its direct impact on the P&L

In the form of less frequent absences, higher engagement, and decreasing excess turnover costs


Improve productivity

by increasing the health score of your population and mitigating identifiable healthcare risk


Increase employee engagement

increase employee engagement rate by giving them ownership over their health data

Adjust wellbeing


identify the health risk of your employee population and adjust your wellbeing offering accordingly

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Save on insurance premiums

adjust the insurance coverage and negotiate lower insurance premiums based on your population health



How it works for you, the Employer

We install a HealthCaters health kiosk in a quiet part of your office

All your employees get access to a HealthCaters app and a digital health prevention platform where they can perform health screenings, track their health data, interpret it together with a personal health assistant, and learn more about their health.



You get access to aggregated health data that helps you identify the problems and build an employee benefits strategy with the highest ROI


How it works for your employees

in 4 simple steps


your health risks by doing health tests in the office at the HealthCaters station


your test results by consulting with your personal health assistant through a HealthCaters app

Take action

have your doctor visit arranged by your health assistant and follow the treatment plan and the lifestyle recommendations


track your health data consistently to ensure improvements in the health metrics



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