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HomeKit powered by HealthCaters.

Convenient, easy, inexpensive health checks at home to prevent chronic illnesses and extend healthy years of life.

Why choose HomeKit?


A health check easy to perform by yourself, at home


Digital health report with your results explained to you in a simple manner


Recommendations to help you manage your health risks and live longer

A complete health check in 6 easy steps, from start to finish


You pre-order a HomeKit from HealthCaters for the convenient time


You perform the screenings in the comfort of your home, with help of our health assistant if needed


You can discuss the results with our doctor


We bring the HomeKit to your door - you will have 5 days to perform the screenings


You get a digital health report and personal recommendations how to manage your health


We pick up the HomeKit

What's inside? 🎁

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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"Sehr zu empfehlen!
Vielen Dank!"

Nicole R.

"Man muss mehr auf sich achten! Sehr gute Betreuung und Erklärung."

Christian K.

"Wieder mal ein bisschen sensibilisiert. War sehr angenehm. Danke!"

Cornelia D.

"Alles super für einen schnellen Check-Up zur Info. Vielen Dank!!"

Karl L.