Tired of trying to balance between work and health? 

You don't have to anymore.

Meet HealthCaters.

We offer best in class technology and human expertise that allow you to
 take back control of your health and
make data-driven lifestyle choices

A combination of an onsite health kiosk accompanied by a data management app with an in-built personal health assistant

Onsite health kiosk

provides employees with an opportunity to continuously monitor their biometrics without leaving the office

Your data is safe with us.

medical data, communication channels, and all other information are secured with the help of advanced encryption technology and isn't shared with anyone but you.

Mobile app 

to track and manage health data and communicate with a personal health assistant

Personal health assisstant

helps interpret the test results, advise on the appropriate next steps and schedule your medical appointments


Our Solutions


Health Kiosk

An onsite point of care

Health kiosk is located in the office and allows you to perform a variety of tests, such as weight, height, BMI, pulse-oximetry, ECG, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and others. All devices are meant for home use,  they are really simple to operate and the results of the tests are instantly synced to your mobile app.

Your HealthCaters mobile app

Track your health data over time and see the impact of your lifestyle choices on your health data

All your test results are synced to a mobile app and stored in a secured cloud space. You can see your overall health score, how certain health metrics change in response to your lifestyle changes: for example, if you started doing more exercise and eating a healthier diet, you will notice how your blood pressure goes down and your health score is increasing.

Blood test results new.png

Your personal health assistant

A personal health assistant available through the mobile app

One member of our qualified medical staff will be assigned to you to help interpret your biometrics, understand your health holistically, and take necessary actions when needed. Your assistant will also help you schedule the doctor's appointments and remind you to refill your medication.

Your data is secure with us.

We use the highest protection level for our data storage, information exchange, and communication channels. 

Your personal data will not be shared with your employer - they will only see the general health statistics of the overall workforce population to be able to tailor your company's health and wellbeing strategy.

Your data will only be accessible to your personal health assistant who will help you navigate in the healthcare space.


How it works 

in 4 simple steps


your health risks by doing health tests in the office at the HealthCaters station


your test results by consulting with your personal health assistant through a HealthCaters app

Take action

have your doctor visit arranged by your health assistant and follow the treatment plan and the lifestyle recommendations


track your health data consistently to ensure improvements in the health metrics


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