Meet The Team



Tatyana Eliseeva


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  • Over 5 years in corporate finance and investments, with focus on VC investments in healthcare and IT

  • 2 years at a healthtech startup based in Berlin as a B2B project lead, responsible for the launch of the first insurance-as-a-service product and and leading the BizDev team

  • BA and MA in mathematical methods of economic analysis from Moscow State University, CFA Charterholder


Lilia Kruse, MD


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  • Over 5 years of clinical experience in abdominal and CT surgery in the US, the Netherlands, and Germany

  • 1 year in a telemedicine startup as a Co-founder

  • BA in premedical sciences, astronomy and astrophysics from FIT

  • MD degree from Yale School of Medicine

Why did you start HealthCaters?

to help our society shift focus from treatment to prevention, to guide people through their healthcare journey and to make employers benefit from boosting their employees’ health.

Why did you start

to provide the means that empowers individuals to take control of their own health by giving them daily access to screening methods that will improve their quality of life, create awareness of their healths risks and ultimately benefit their wellbeing both at work and at home. 

Experts and Advisors

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Dr. med. Oliver Eidel

Data Protection Officer

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Dr. Oliver Eidel has an extensive background in medicine, software engineering, and regulatory affairs.

Prior to fully focusing on regulatory advisory and founding his own firm, OpenRegulatory, he worked for Merantix as a software engineer of medical products, and then as an Engineering Project Manager at Merantix Healthcare. Earlier, Dr. Eidel received his medical degree from Heidelberg University Hospital, where he subsequently worked as a doctor in training.